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From Quotation to job completion, Wallison and his team were transparent in expectations in both fair pricing and the time to complete the project. We had a BIG job to complete in a small amount of time. His professional team came onboard in the droves and knocked the job out in exceptional time. We are a steel construction and had a fair amount of corrossion onboard. His Team were well supervised and well documented in their approach to killing the rust and creating a proper seal on the bare steel. I was given a flash drive of every step taken to ensure satisfaction. These guys don’t miss a step in the paint process but instead add extra anti corrosive barriers before application of the AWLCRAFT system. Their after service is quick and concise! With a lot going on, I personally missed a few areas in some technical spaces. They came straight back to hit those areas to a high-quality finish. I was very happy with the flow in the paint with next to none on the side of contamination. They did an excellent spray job, and I will be calling them back to shoot the HULL in my next yard period. We are a LYNX Shadow vessel. We used Whisper Grey AWLCRAFT 2000 and snow White AWLCRAFT 2000. Thanks again to MEGA YACHT REFINISHERS! 

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